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The Witch and Her Cow-Sucking Bag

I thought I’d put up a Halloween post a couple of days in advance, so we can get in the mood. One of the issues I’ve noticed a lot of people dealing with is the way that spookiness and fancy … Continue reading

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Women, Education, and the Whitewashing of History

I’ve been silent for an unprecedented five days on this blog – the reason is, I’ve just taken my viva examination, the final stage in my PhD. Mine was actually a lovely experience – which was unexpected as you’re put … Continue reading

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Great British Bake-Off

This is only a quick opinion piece – but I’ve been biting my tongue, so I want to say it. I love Great British Bake Off. I think it’s great. I enjoy how the show gives three brilliant women a … Continue reading

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Codpieces and Demons: The Dangers of Female Gossip

The picture we have of female friendship in medieval England is pretty limited. In a culture where women were almost invariably seen, both legally and socially, in terms of their relationships to men, and where fewer women than men could write, … Continue reading

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Christ’s Vulva: Women, Heresy, and the Myth of Male Solidarity

I was thinking this morning about feminism’s political allegiances, and about how women become obscured even (or perhaps especially) within movements that claim to seek equality for all. Most feminists I know are politically Left-leaning; I would argue feminism is … Continue reading

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Discrediting Women and Fiction: Eleanor Catton and Francesca da Rimini

Plenty of us will have seen, by now, Kate Saunders’ comments on Booker Prize winner Eleanor Catton. Saunders described Catton as ‘a new kind of role model’ for ‘bookish girls’, ‘a slight, pale (unassisted) blonde woman’, ‘quietly spoken’ and ‘dazed’ … Continue reading

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Just a quick note on spelling …

This isn’t a proper post, just a quickie.  As you may have noticed, in some of these posts my spelling isn’t perfect. I’m dyslexic, and although I run everything through spellcheck, life is far, far, far too short to catch … Continue reading

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