Note on Copyright, Sharing, Etc.

I’m just writing this so I can link back to it.

I hope you’re enjoying reading what I’m writing. I mostly write to test out ideas (or, you know, to rant). If you’d like to share links, I will love you. Go for it!

If you would like to reblog my posts, please get in touch. I’ll probably say yes, and don’t worry if you disagree with me on some things – I’ll assume that giving you permission to reblog doesn’t indicate anything about whether or not we agree.

The flip side of this is: this isn’t a blog written with academic reading lists. I try to credit people who’ve had a big impact on my thinking, but it’d take hours to list everything you might want to read on medieval literature/history. If you want to know more, ask me, and I’ll try to reply.

6 thoughts on “Note on Copyright, Sharing, Etc.

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  2. I don’t have a blog, and so am not altogether clear on all things bright and blog-iful. I assume that reblogging a post would involve actually copying your text and pasting to a blog, and that would require your permission. I also assume that posting a link to a blog on Twitter, say, does not constitute reblogging. If my assumptions are incorrect, I’ll just start apologizing now and continue to roughly infinity.

    • Reblogging, on wordpress, is a function in the toolbar – it lets you share easily, which is lovely, but also something I’m realizing I need to be careful about, because once something has been reblogged, it’s harder to control.

      There’s absolutely nothing to apologize about. It’s just one of those things I’ve been thinking about more recently.

    • (Sorry, exhausted so didn’t reply properly – but no, links don’t count as reblogging and it’s lovely when people link. I really appreciate it!)

      • Thanks very kindly for dealing with my confusion and relieving potential guit. I was raised Catholic, and overactive guilt comes with that territory. I once received an ad from AAA that said even though I didn’t actually have a driver’s license (I’m legally blind so that’s a good thing), I should still pay for a triple A membership so that as a passenger in someone else’s car, I could treat to roadside assistance if the need arose. Fortunately I was able to confirm with a friend known for her bluntness that I was not actually required to belong to an auto club when I did not own a car. Thanks again.

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