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Is that a Partridge in Your Pear Tree, or are you Just Pleased to See Me? Chaucer’s Merchant’s Tale

This is a quick heads up for a post I wrote for the fantastic Women’s Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon project, over at the University of Surrey. You can read the full story there! It’s on Chaucer’s Merchant’s Tale.

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A Horcrux Theory of Chaucerian Manuscript Transmission

To those expecting that famous writers occupy their time with lofty, noble and improving thoughts, Chaucer’s shortest surviving poem must come as something of a disappointment. In fine British tradition, it’s a moan elevated to the level of an art form: … Continue reading

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A small and pleasing discovery (possibly?) about Sir Gawain

I’ve somehow never written this post about Sir Gawain and the Green Knight – the poem that is many people’s first encounter with the gorgeous poetic language and spellbinding storytelling of medieval England – though I’ve been wondering about a minor … Continue reading

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Trigger Warnings (Again), and a Weird Sense of Disconnection

New academic year, new spate of newspaper articles on ‘trigger warnings’. This time, it’s the Guardian‘s piece by Frank Furedi, blazing with the news Too Many Academics Are Now Censoring Themselves. Now, with the revelation that the government is discounting the voices of … Continue reading

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