Just a quick note on spelling …

This isn’t a proper post, just a quickie. 

As you may have noticed, in some of these posts my spelling isn’t perfect. I’m dyslexic, and although I run everything through spellcheck, life is far, far, far too short to catch everything. At some point I will probably write a more in-depth post about dyslexia and being a medievalist, because it’s actually one of the things I find hugely helpful – dyslexia gives me a slightly off-beam perspective on everything to do with the written word, and makes sure I question my first assumptions about what I see. During my PhD, I worked on medieval manuscripts and palaeography – disciplines that really shouldn’t suit a dyslexic – precisely because I found it so fascinating to see how our modern scripts and habits of setting out words on the page were influenced by the books of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

For now, though, I’m just going to end with a quick link. Today is the end of National Dyslexia Awareness week. Here’s a quick quotation from the British Dyslexia Association: 

The aim of the week is to debunk the myth that dyslexia is just a difficulty with reading and spelling. We want to highlight the other difficulties dyslexic people face such as poor short term memory, maths difficulties, poor organisational skills but also the strengths that it can bring!

Amen to that, I say.