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Like the Virgin Mary, only Hairier: Why Patriarchy likes a little Lipstick Lesbianism

In my previous post, I got halfway through the┬áRoman de Silence, the story of the woman Silentius who was brought up as a man by her parents. Silentius is so successful as a man that hordes of women end up … Continue reading

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How to Man Up, Medieval Style: Cross-dressing Women and the Perils of Accidental Lesbianism

Appropriately, since I’ve gone quiet on this blog for a couple of weeks, this post is about a medieval French story called the┬áRoman de Silence, the Story of Silence. I came across it while I was busy fuming about the … Continue reading

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Taking the Tory out of History: Gove, Again.

Like a glutton for punishment, I’ve been reading another piece by Michael Gove, lamenting the shit job history teachers did with my generation and the rubbish educational policies of Labour. As one of those sadly undereducated fools, I have what … Continue reading

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