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Philomel must lose her tongue to-day: Memory, Memorial, and the Emptiness of Women’s Speech

A few weeks ago, I read a beautiful piece by Sarah Ditum. She explores the ways in which women’s work – partly because it is inherently open-ended, needed to be done over and over – is dismissed, ignored, excluded from historical memorial. Drawing … Continue reading

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Note on Copyright, Sharing, Etc.

I’m just writing this so I can link back to it. I hope you’re enjoying reading what I’m writing. I mostly write to test out ideas (or, you know, to rant). If you’d like to share links, I will love … Continue reading

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This is not my generation, Laurie Penny

Earlier today, a memorial to the women of World War II was daubed with graffiti reading “Fuck Tory Scum”. Laurie Penny, who’s about my age, decided to express the opinion that: “I don’t have a problem with this. The bravery … Continue reading

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Casualties of the Popular History of Sexuality

I really should be writing a lecture on medieval lyric at the moment, finishing off a book review and marking essays. But I procrastinate, and the world keeps turning, so I’m going to write this post instead. The Guardian has a … Continue reading

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Women, the Vote, and Walter William Skeat

I’m currently looking out onto a street full of election posters (mostly Labour, a couple of Lib Dem and a few Greens, if you’re interested – we wanted to put up a poster for the Suffragettes in our window, because … Continue reading

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