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Michael Gove, An Idiot in History

This is a quick post, which I couldn’t help writing when I read what Michael ‘I’m not a racist but’ Gove has been saying about the teaching of history. Apparently, our Noble Educator claims: “There’s children, including my own, who … Continue reading

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Thirty Falling Gravestones and the Ghost Church on Kinoulton Hill

The picture above shows the abandoned graveyard of a church that was in use for at least 600 years. I wrote a little bit about this church a few weeks ago, when I was talking about the way in which … Continue reading

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Memorializing Loss: A Christmas Carol for Medieval Women

I planned to write a lovely, uplifting, carol-infested Christmas post. This is not it, though if you click the links you will find the carols. Christmas carols and nativity scenes from medieval manuscripts are some of the most familiar, visible … Continue reading

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I’m not sure Aaron Sorkin is the Feminist Messiah: On why criticisms of Surrendered Wives bother me.

I’ve just been reading a Telegraph article about a book written by one Costanza Miriano, which carries the delightful title of Get Married and Be Submissive (Cásate y Sé Sumisa). Rainey, the author of the Telegraph article, is quick to give us a … Continue reading

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“When I am living in the Midlands, that are sodden and unkind …”: On Marginalizing Communities

I’ve just spent a slightly frantic few weeks exploring the fifeenth-century readers of a particular medieval text. Nothing unusual in that; it’s what I do. I know which names and places are likely to come up: it’s a safe bet … Continue reading

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On Female Beauty and Male Violence

I was reading today about a case in the States, of a girl who has been battling with her school over how she wears her hair. Not because she’s dyed it skybluepink, but because her hair is a natural Afro. … Continue reading

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