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On failures to understand what ‘free speech’ does and does not mean: Starkey again

First, a disclaimer. I have nothing against right-winger journalists. In fact, like everyone with a smidgeon of social conscience, I find them fascinating. Oh, who am I kidding? I find them smug, self-interested curmudgeons who tend to have a worryingly … Continue reading

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Open Letter: David Starkey Does Not Speak for Cambridge University

Last week, I wrote about my shock and angerĀ in finding that the current University of Cambridge campaign, ‘Dear World’, is presented by David Starkey. Starkey is portrayed as the official voice and face of Cambridge, representing students, faculty, and staff, … Continue reading

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‘Dear World’: David Starkey does not speak for Cambridge University on Race or Gender

A few weeks ago, I heard about the ‘Dear World’ campaign, a campaign by the University of Cambridge. I heard that it was designed to publicise the amazing research different academics and faculties pursue. It was designed to get people … Continue reading

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