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University Women – Let’s Take Up Space

The image features the effigy of a woman cyclist suspended in mid-air, as men carrying banners reading ‘Varsity for Men’ thronged the road beneath, and as, in the Senate House, the university authorities debated admitting women to take the Cambridge … Continue reading

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Delicious Rottenness: Women, Sex, and Apples

I promised Jenni Nuttall I’d write this post some time ago, when I first mentioned I was going to be teaching Chaucer’s apocrypha, including the rather nice poem titled ‘O Mosy Quince‘, which begins like this: O mosy quince, hangyng … Continue reading

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Too Much Passion: Women, the Crucifixion, and Displays of Emotion

I thought I’d start with this image – a triptych probably painted by Rogier van der Weyden in the mid-fifteenth century – because I find it both compelling, and, frankly, creepy. The central panel is full of van der Weyden’s … Continue reading

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Beyond April Fools: Everyday ‘Feminism’ Again

A very quick post, because I can’t not. Today, as you will have noticed, is April Fools’ Day. It is also, much more pleasantly, #WhanThatAprilleDay15 – the day when medievalists, including the fantastic and wonderful Chaucer Doth Tweet, take to twitter to … Continue reading

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