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‘Why, Margaret, they told me you were a scholar’: Renaissance Humanism and the Invention of the Irrational Woman

The quotation in my title, and the image above, both come from the 1966 film A Man for All Seasons, a film centred around Thomas More, one-time right-hand man of Henry VIII. More objected to the idea Henry should become head … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m angry, but that doesn’t make me illogical: On victim-blaming

Today – when I should have been looking for a house to rent for my new job – I read an article in the Guardian by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett on the subject of victim blaming. It was provocatively titled “Have accusations of rape … Continue reading

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The Museum of Mansplaining Art – New Entry 16/12/14

A New Entry in Time for Christmas Such is my faith in my feminist sisters (or the level of evil corruption the feminist borg has achieved through its iron-fisted grasp on my mind), that I haven’t even been able to … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Axe to Fall: Some Thoughts on ‘Failing’

This post came about as a result of several conversations, most recently, a discussion on twitter this afternoon with Liz Gloyn and Rachel Moss, lecturers in Classics and Medieval History respectively. We were talking about what it means to succeed … Continue reading

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