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Mansplainer Exposes Mansplainy Tactics, Internet is Polite

I’m dashing this post off because I should be working. But it’s such a perfect example of something I’ve had a problem with for a while, that I can’t let it go. Today, I read an article by one Dr … Continue reading

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Safe Space and the University (Trigger Warning)

I’m turning over a lot of thoughts about safe spaces and triggers at the moment. Next year, I’m going to go into a lecture hall, hopefully with about 50-70 undergraduates, and I’m going to talk to them about how a … Continue reading

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Applying for a Postdoc. First, imagine you are an idiot …

Ok, just a rant. I read theĀ Guardian HE section, on and off, and sometimes it’s quite helpful and interesting. Not so much, today. Today we have a guide to getting a postdoc. I started reading, winced at the stats (14% … Continue reading

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