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Sleeping Beauty and the Lesbians

This is just a quick follow-up to my earlier post, on ‘Spinsters and the Right to be Offensive‘. In that post, I explored why the word ‘spinster’ developed offensive connotations, and had a little ponder about whether or not it’s … Continue reading

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Spinsters and the ‘Right to be Offensive’

This blog post started out when I came across yet another version of a conversation I’ve heard far too often: the conversation where someone insists upon their right to say whatever they like and declares that anyone who objects is … Continue reading

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Handmaidens and Icons: Interpreting Women’s History

I planned to write this post about Mary Magdalene, the woman who is both reviled as a prostitute in medieval stories and honoured as a preacher in the early Church by some modern feminist theologians. I wanted to think about … Continue reading

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The Myth of the ‘Empowered Woman’ in History

I wanted to write this post to explain where I stand on some issues of women’s history and its relationship to feminism. I love researching women’s history. I find it so exciting to recover evidence about women’s lives, which generations … Continue reading

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‘Knowing Not the Hour of My Death’: Medieval Wills and Family Relationships

I’ve been writing a lot about misogyny in relationships, and about the records medieval people leave that show male cruelty towards and hatred of women. Class analysis bothers a lot of people, and it seems to be one of the … Continue reading

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Guibert de Nogent, Vampire Slayer

One of my more serious scholarly achievements this weekend was finding the source for Joss Whedon’s Angel plot. Whedon is getting it in the neck at the moment – justifiably so, really – and so the more dodgy elements of … Continue reading

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Women Priests and Empty Gestures

I’ve just read this little piece in the Guardian, speculating on the (‘unconfirmed’ – you don’t say?) rumour that Pope Francis might be considering appointing a female Cardinal. And it got me thinking about women in the medieval Church. It … Continue reading

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