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More rhetorical violence, aka diet advice.

In my never-ending quest to become more smug than Owen Jones, I have discovered the epitome of the middle class problem. I’ve found rhetorical violence in the Waitrose magazine. To be precise, my housemate, who is a more skilled close … Continue reading

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‘Everyday Feminism’: Masculinity is a universe, and we’re all stars. Except the lesbians.

The photo above is one you may have seen before. It, and a collection of other photos from the Victorian and Edwardian eras have been collected together here, in 2012, as a tribute to 150 years of women’s history. It’s … Continue reading

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Five Wounds: Touching History

I’ve just finished reading my copy of Katherine¬†Edgar’s Tudor novel,¬†Five Wounds. Set during the Pilgrimage of Grace, it imagines the bloody rebellion against the dissolution of the monasteries from the perspective of a teenage girl. As the north rises in … Continue reading

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Rhetorical Violence and Actual Violence (trigger warning)

I’m reading a lot about rape at the moment, which makes me an exceptionally cheerful person to be around. Specifically, I’m reading about rape in medieval romance, but it’s hard to separate that from contemporary debates about violence, and rhetoric, … Continue reading

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